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IPC Services

The professional experts at IPC not only control the pests but also identify the reasons that caused pest to appear and has developed service procedures which are based on three core PM concepts i.e. Pest Identification, Customized Problem Solution, Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance, Calling on many years' technical 'training and expertise to deliver the required service.

At IPC we aim to provide our clients with international industry standards and practices, to deliver Quality of Service and total customers satisfaction. At IPC we believe in maintaining a strong, close and open relationship with our customers throughout the entire process, building trust in our working relationship resulting in sustainability of business through mutually beneficial partnership.

Services :

  • General Pest Control
  • Rodent Control (Rat & Mice)
  • Termite Control (Post and Pre Construction)

Areas of Services :

  • Commercial Food Producers/ Distributors
  • Residential/Commercial properties
  • Construction Sectors
  • Industrial Sectors
  • Hotel and Hospitals
  • Malls and High rise Buildings Large Multi property Development

Whether it suits you to have a basic, routine visit, a monitoring program with the option of upgrades when pests occur, or a short-term, one-off, intensive program aimed at a specific pest group or a fully comprehensive integrated pest management program, we have the resources and experience to help you every step of the way.

PestAware Service

Education on IPM & Quality Control

IPC is known to be the most knowledgeable in the industry, and prides itself on sharing this knowledge with others. Pest management is not only a one-sided approach, but also an integrated one that requires input from both the customer and IPC.

Commercial clients will be provided with a Pest Audit as part of our IPM (Intelligent Pest Management) program. It is a quality report of the current pest infestation/situation that is initiated by the QA division of IPC. This will also provide methods and remedies required to arrest the problem efficiently, keeping their standards high and their pest problem very low.

Termite Control (Pre-Construction / Post Construction)

Complaints of termite infestation in existing buildings and residential compounds are increasing day by day and enquiries for remedial measures and services are common now days.

These reveal that unless preventive measures are taken while constructing the buildings, the termites are going to be a major threat, which ultimately leads to huge maintenance cost. Under this scenario, we feel it is our responsibility to make aware of termite’s activities and its effects.

Termites are social insects which live in underground colonies and are often entered to buildings. A loose mortar joint or a settlement crack in the basement is all they need to gain entry to buildings. A single colony may consist of in excess of 1 million termites.

  • Pre- Construction Termite Treatment

    The most effective way of protecting building from termite attack is to establish a chemical barrier in and around the soil surface of the building prior to the casting of footings and ground slabs etc.

  • Post- Construction Anti-Termite Treatment 

    To exterminate Termite Infestation from existing buildings or structures, the ground floor soil in and around the building to be treated by drilling holes through floors and wall bases and inject termticidal solution.

  • Wood Preservative Treatment

    Wood preservatives are applied to wooden structures by Wood Preservative applicator or dripping woods in chemical solution, brushing on exposed finished surfaces prior to final finishing/glazing works.

  • Termite Interception Baiting System

    Termite Interception and baiting system will eliminate the termite colony; the real source of infestation spreads in and around human livings. Models of in ground and above ground stations are available for placement at different locations.

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